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Register or Login. Communicating about dating and relationships with your youth really comes down to values. As Unitarian Universalists, we believe that sex is not sinful but can be a okcupid expression of affection between reset persons. Beyond that, we as parents need to reset our personal values, such as keeping sexual activity within the confines of a committed relationship. Reset that individuals may decide to engage in sexual intimacy if they are mature enough, ready for the responsibility, and committed to another is a powerful yet positive way of communicating that casual okcupid activity can reset harmful. Youth who are in the com of love and raging hormones may need such guidelines to reset them make the right choices at the right time. Talking about contraception and sexual health is not easy to reset for many adults, but it is very important? As parents, what we communicate about sexuality is important, but we need to remember that talking first about diseases and overseas pregnancy makes it all seem like a negative. We need to talk, too, about the thrill of romance and the joy of falling in com.

First Unitarian Universalist Society of Exeter

Kate R. Walker Words help heal and create life in abundance. They allow us to live more deeply through poetry and prose.

Date and Time: 10/18/ am. Presenter: Rev. Dr. Kate R. Walker Words help heal and create life in abundance. They allow us to live more deeply.

Unitarian History Famous Unitarians. Nicene Creed adopted at the Council of Nicea under the emperor Constantine; establishes the dogma of the Trinity and suppresses the lower Christology espoused by Arius and his followers. Another church council condemns as heresy the belief in universal salvation, a teaching traced back to second-century theologian Origen of Alexandria. King John Sigismund of Transylvania, under the influence of David, issues the earliest edict of religious toleration.

Thomas Emelyn imprisoned at Dublin for anti-Trinitarian beliefs; birth of George de Benneville, early Universalist advocate. First Universalist congregation in America gathered at Gloucester, Mass. King’s Chapel congregation ordains James Freeman as its minister, becoming “Anglican in worship, congregational in policy, and Unitarian in theology. Ordination of Olympia Brown as Universalist minister, first woman to be regularly ordained by any denomination.

National Conference of Unitarian Churches, organized by Henry Whitney Bellows, gives Unitarians a more effective denominational structure. Church of the Larger Fellowship organized to serve Unitarians living areas without Unitarian congregations. William F.


Westwood is a welcoming, nurturing and inclusive community where people may experience freedom of religious thought, spiritual development, hope and inspiration. Westwood lives and shares Unitarian Universalist principles through spiritual growth, learning, social justice, care and compassion. We believe that everyone has the right to seek truth and meaning for themselves. Read more Wednesday Evening Conversation Nights. Read more Rhea Little Memorial Service.

ICUU COUNCIL MEETING & CONFERENCE. MONTRÉAL, CANADA. 26 October – 1 November. The International Council of Unitarians.

Elea Kelmer. Take Care, Rev. Carol Thomas Cissel revcissel uufcc. Prayer Great Silence which holds us all, help us to rest in you now. In the quiet, may our healing begin. One of the regular columns in our small town, weekly newspaper is the Animal Activity Blotter from the Animal Control Officer. Here is a recent entry:. March saw a relatively small number of Animal Control calls, as follows: Loose dogs: 5 Squirrel in house: 1 Skunk in trap: 1 able to talk trapper through an uneventful release Dog menacing walker: 1 Raccoon advice: 1 Possum advice: 1 Report of mangy fox: 1.

But what I love is that it reminds me how deeply the people around me care. Someone is paying close enough attention to a fox to notice its mange. Someone is concerned enough about the well-being of a possum to pick up the phone for advice. Last fall, there was a bear in the church parking lot. I was about to get out of the car, distracted by a million things, and there it was, big and shaggy brown and beautiful.

Resources for Unitarian Universalist Singles

The program provides concrete assistance to our partner congregation while fostering communication and friendship, both remotely and in person. In , Rev. Diana Heath initiated St.

Some Unitarian Universalist (UU) congregations host events or small group This is not a dating site, but a place for single UUs to meet and discuss life.

I n response to an October 28 vote by the synod of the Hungarian Unitarian Church HUC to bless only those marriages between a man and a woman, a group of Unitarian Universalist leaders in North America—including the Rev. The oldest Unitarian communities in the world date back to the s in Transylvania, which is now part of Romania. The HUC counts 25, members in 12 churches and 21 fellowships in Hungary and 60, members in churches and 30 fellowships in Romania, according to the website of the International Council of Unitarians and Universalists.

Over 83 percent of the approximately ministers and laypeople at the synod voted to support the declaration that the HUC will bless only those marriages valid under public law, according to a source present at the vote. In Romania and Hungary, civil law recognizes only marriages between a man and a woman. But the HUC affirmed the right of individual members to express their own opinions on the issue.

In , during an effort to amend the Romanian Constitution to change the definition of marriage from being the union of two persons to the union of a man and a woman, the Rev. The HUC did not make an official statement at that time. There are about partnerships between North American UU congregations and congregations in other nations. About 80 percent of those partnerships involve churches in Transylvania or Hungary, according to Bertschausen.

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Everyone is welcome. Simply log on with the links below. Hope to see you all and your children then.

Saturday March 3rd!! Date Night – get involved, have a night to yourself, your kids will have fun – and we will raise some funds for Child Haven.

British Broadcasting Corporation Home. Unitarianism as an organised church grew out of the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century CE. It started in Poland and Transylvania in the s, and was recognised as a religion in Transylvania within 10 years. In England, Unitarian ideas were being discussed by the mid s in the writings of John Biddle , and the first Unitarian congregation came into being in at Essex Chapel in London, founded by a former Church of England minister, Theophilus Lindsey.

The distinguished scientist and minister Joseph Priestley also played a key role in the formation of the movement. The North American version has much in common with the UK version but includes additional ideas brought in when Universalist Church of America founded in and the American Unitarian Association founded in merged in to form the Unitarian Universalist Association. The Canadian Unitarian Council represents the Canadian congregations.

The North American church has for many decades been much more ‘humanist’ than Unitarian churches elsewhere in the world. Recently, however, there has been a movement in the Unitarian Universalist Association to be more accepting of what its President calls the “language of reverence”. This seems to be the result of the rising influence of a younger generation that is more attuned to spiritual values or that has had fewer bad traditional church experiences.

East Midland Unitarians

We have been in existence in Seattle for over years, first established in on a site near the University of Washington campus, we are now located in the Ravenna-Bryant neighborhood and serve a community of around members and over a thousand visitors and friends. In the first few decades of its existence, UUC was recognized in the Seattle community for its activism on social and political issues, frequently providing a forum for progressive causes. We continue to be well known for our leadership and partnerships in social justice work in the community, the quality of our worship services, music and education programs.

Together we play, learn, worship, laugh, rest, restore and commune at SUUSI. Join us July , ! Take a Tour! SUUSI Dates.

Enter your mobile number or email address below and we’ll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer – no Kindle device required. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. John Buehrens begins his new history with the observation that “Religion is people.

Both faiths are chronicled in parallel development through their consolidation in Beyond presenting Universalist and Unitarian history in America as more than a list of luminaries, Buehrens weaves a historical tapestry rich in color and meaning that will serve to deepen the faith of modern Unitarian Universalists. Praise for Universalists and Unitarians in America “John Buehrens’s people’s history is at once a comprehensive narrative of Unitarian Universalist history and an invitation to rethink that history.

The big names are all here, but they share space with forgotten feminists, rural radicals, and faith-filled capitalists. By telling many stories, Buehrens invites all Unitarian Universalists to find their place in our tradition’s living heritage. Universalists and Unitarians in America provides an excellent and very welcome narrative of the movement in the twentieth century, emphasizing its notable contribution of important leaders such as Mary White Ovington and John Haynes Holmes to crucial progressive political causes.

His well-considered explanation of the merger of the two denominations in is a highlight, and he also provides an indispensable account, both well-researched and experienced first-hand, of the new UU movement that emerged in the later twentieth century. A vibrant history populated by real human beings, not just dates, ideas, and famous figures. John Buehrens brings the North American Unitarian and Universalist traditions to new life through the stories of people both ordinary and fascinating, all struggling to realize their dreams for liberal religion in the context of their times.

Hungarian Unitarian Church votes to support only male-female marriages

It has since been used as a denominational label for several distinct groups, but it is here primarily used in the descriptive, generic sense just stated. Although many unitarians have proudly flown the antitrinitarian banner, others strenuously argued that they expounded the correct trinitarian doctrine, the difference being that the former were promoting rival denominations, while the latter sought to be included in mainstream groups i.

This narrative received impetus from late 18th and 19th century English and American Unitarianism, which also revised some other Christian doctrines. See section 4 below. And various claims e.

Rev. Kristin Grassel Schmidt Online Worship Service for Candidating Week April 26, , a.m.

The historic Unitarian affirmation God is One is what gave the movement its name. Today, this stress on divine unity is broadened. But while Unitarians may share these affirmations, we do so in an open and liberal spirit. And there is a lot more to us than that. As a minority faith tradition, Unitarians are less well known than we deserve to be.

Of those who have heard of us, many have an outdated or erroneous picture. Many more may never have heard of us at all.

History of Unitariansim

During the first four decades of the nineteenth century, hundreds of congregational churches fought over ideas about sin and salvation, and especially over the doctrine of the Trinity. The Gloucester church included a freed slave among its charter members, and the Universalists became the first denomination to ordain women to the ministry, beginning in with Olympia Brown.

Universalism was a more evangelical faith than Unitarianism. Unitarians and Universalists have always been heretics. We are heretics because we want to choose our faith, not because we desire to be rebellious.

Unitarians, a Liberal Protestant sect which holds as its distinctive tenet the belief In England the organization of Unitarianism was effected at a much later date.

In recognition of the historical importance of Harvard Divinity School in preparing ministers in the Unitarian Universalist tradition, and a contemporary responsibility to educate the next generation of scholars who study this distinguished tradition, the professorship will advance studies in liberal religion, with particular attention to Unitarian Universalism.

Two recent financial commitments from W. Lowell and Janice Steinbrenner and the late Rev. Graham, Dean of Harvard Divinity School. The Rev. William Sinkford, President of the UUA, said: “The creation of the Emerson Professorship not only recognizes the historic relationship between Harvard Divinity School and Unitarian Universalism but will also be a foundation on which that relationship can deepen as we look to the future.

Unitarian Universalism has always been committed to the development of a learned ministry for liberal religion, and the generosity of the Shelter Rock congregation and the Steinbrenner and Schulman families significantly advances this commitment. And there is no better place than Harvard Divinity School to carry on Emerson’s legacy of incisive and wide-ranging scholarship. The Emerson Professorship is the result of a relationship between HDS and Unitarians and Universalists that dates to the early days of the School’s history.

In fact, the Address of Dedication for Divinity Hall in was presented by William Ellery Channing, who a few years earlier had become the acknowledged leader of what he called “Unitarian Christianity. Although HDS has always remained firmly nondenominational, it is recognized by the UUA as one of three principal schools providing theological training to Unitarian Universalist students preparing for ministry.

Unitarian Universalism

Many Unitarian Meeting Houses and Churches are closed or closing for the next few weeks at least. Rather than allow this to stop or prevent worship and community, many are starting instead to explore online worship. Whether streamed live, or recorded for later use, the issue of copyright is a bit of a headache. We all know why copyright exists, and we support the need to ensure writers, composers and artists are approrpiately rewarded and recognised for their work.

The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Cleveland has its roots in Cleveland dating back to and a church called “The Church of the Unity,” founded by Unitarians who came to Cleveland from New England. Over the next years the.

Unitarian Universalism UU [2] [3] [4] is a liberal religion characterized by a “free and responsible search for truth and meaning “. Currently, these traditions are summarized by the Six Sources and Seven Principles of Unitarian Universalism, documents recognized by all congregations who choose to be a part of the Unitarian Universalist Association. These documents are ‘living’, meaning always open for revisiting and reworking.

Unitarian Universalist U. The roots of Unitarian Universalism lie in liberal Christianity , specifically Unitarianism and universalism. Unitarian Universalists state that from these traditions comes a deep regard for intellectual freedom and inclusive love. Congregations and members seek inspiration and derive insight from all major world religions.

A group of thirty Philippine congregations is represented as a sole member within the UUA. Unitarian Universalism was formed from the consolidation in of two historically separate Christian denominations, the Universalist Church of America and the American Unitarian Association, [10] both based in the United States; the new organization formed in this merger was the Unitarian Universalist Association. Today they draw from a variety of religious traditions. Individuals may or may not self-identify as Christians or subscribe to Christian beliefs.

The extent to which the elements of any particular faith tradition are incorporated into personal spiritual practice is a matter of individual choice for congregants, in keeping with a creedless, non-dogmatic approach to spirituality and faith development. New England Unitarians evolved from the Pilgrim Fathers ‘ Congregational Christianity , which was originally based on a literal reading of the Holy Bible.

Instead, they asserted a unitary notion of God.

Isaiah 44:24 – Jehovah alone made all things, and both Unitarians and Trinitarians get it wrong.

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